PLAY – The Show
Dreaming – Making – Playing

HabenGoods play the soundtrack of your life on DIY instruments in their crazy remakes of movie music and great rock hits.

Legendary songs is brought to life with a powerful appearance on stage, and the dream of creating a band is played out loud when HabenGoods visualize their unique world of skilled drumming, humor and charming beats.

Experience the show and let yourself be carried away, by the energy of three playful men
doing what they like the most – PLAY


For my festival BUMfest I always search for a fresh, different and something new, so I found HabenGoods and didn´t exactly know what I will get. I knew they are more street performers and I didnt know how  they would react on a big stage. But I was so so much surprised.
They prepared their program exelent, they inspired children on a school concert and made a real Rock n Roll on the evening concert.
New aproach, home made instruments, unexpected Scandinavian humor and great energy, made to me and our audience unforgetable memories. Thanks for stopping by, dear HabenGoods. You really Rock!

Dejan Tamše

BUMfest festival Slovenia director



WHO is HabenGoods?

HabenGoods is a Danish performance group of three playful friends.

They started the group in 2006 inspired by STOMP and Blue Man Group.

Their repertoire is based on legendary movie and rock songs performed with self made musical instruments and a unique show design.

Through many years they have performed with their spectacular Street Stomp Show, and caught the attention of children and adults, as well as Danish national television and festivals, to win the Audience Award of Hans Christian Andersen Festivals 2014.

Drum Talk TV on Facebook chose their Garage Stomp video as Hottest Fan Video in “Play on Anything Week” in 2016.

“PLAY” is a HabenGoods stage show 2017 production, based on their mantra “Story Rules”.

The show appeared at the opening evening of the int. BUM Fest Festival No. 11 january 2017 in Slovenia.

Duration: 50 minutes


BUMFest Festival 11 - 2017