In spring 2016 we produced four videos for our social medias and spend a lot of time and effort with skilled fotogaphers and sound engenieurs to make the story of our universe come through.

The “Garage Stomp” video went viral and was named “Hottest Fan Video” on the American Facebook site Drum Talk TV, in the category “Play on Anything”.

And we were thrilled …

Street Stomp / Action Film / Playfulness / Rock Power are the four elements of our DNA and the themes of our four videos.

Street Stomp because the street has been our primary venue for many years, with our bycicle and rolling props.

Action Film because we love movies and the soundtracks that shape the drama.

Playfulness because thats the most important issue of a creativ process, and we love to fool around with music, gadgets and storytelling.

Rock Power because thats the big dream we all shared as kids, beeing part of a rock band with all the Man Power it takes.

The “Garage Stomp” video caught the attention of Dejan Tamse who is the organizer of the international percussion festival: BUMfest Festival in Slovenia, and through our common friend and STOMP artist, Peter Stavrum Nielsen we got in contact.

We decided to produce a 45 min stage show called “PLAY”, based on the story of making a band … From dreaming, into making and finally playing all the music that we love in a proper setting at Zalec Theatre in Slovenia.

We spend six month planing the show, making new transformative instruments, stageing the story and sorting out the logistics to travle safely 2000 kilometers with tree pallets of cargo goods in winter time through the Alps of Europe.

And then finally i january 2017 we went on stage, on the opening night of the BUM Fest Festival 11, with a beautifull setting, thanks to the skilled crew of the festival, and the most lovely and cheering audience one could imagne.

We did it!  – We love it!  – and we were meet as Kings and Barons with love and respect.
Thank You So Much – BUM Fest Festival ???

We are proud to have been part of a great Featival with eleven years of tradition and with artist from all over Europe, where we made new freindships and shared our music to people far from Denmark.

We are playing
We are making
We are sharing


HabenGoods remake great movie themes and legendary rock songs with DIY instruments made of trash. We play out loud our dreams of beeing a Band, and we love to share what we do.

Quote: Drummer, Claus Hessel at BUMFest Festival 11 – january 2017
“Building your own drum kit is the highest level of what you can do with your drums …
 HabenGoods does that, – they are creative”

PLAY – The Show

Dreaming – Making – Playing

HabenGoods play the soundtrack of your life on DIY instruments in their crazy remakes of movie music and great rock hits.
Legendary songs is brought to life with a powerful appearance on stage, and the dream of creating a band is played out loud when HabenGoods visualize their unique world of skilled drumming, humor and charming beats.
Experience the show and let yourself be carried away, by the energy of three playful men
doing what they like the most – PLAY

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