The HabenGoods are: Per, Morten and Michael

Their curiosity and the need to constantly think of new ways to reach the audience, has given HabenGoods their own appearance, and impact in their identity, which is experienced even when the show stops.
The diversity of the three personalities is the dynamic that shines both on stage and in their development of the group since 2006.


Langelandsfestival with WWF Pandaclub 2016 – left: Per, center: Morten, right: Michael


The HabenGoods first met at “The World’s Biggest Stomp” in 2001, Odense Denmark, with 700 participants and in different roles.
Per as a composer and director, Morten as producer, and Michael as the leader of a music school, for young musicians with dreams of a life with music.

Pers own dream of a life as a musician started out as a kids drummer behind soap bins in the laundry room, with rock music on the cassette recorder and sweaty jam sessions with his twin brother and their school mates.

Michaels wet drum dream began in front of the record player with jazz music and funky vibes of Miles Davis in the boys room in Copenhagen.

In the late ’80s the two of them met at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, where their friendship was established accompained by double stroke rolls and paradiddles.

Morten was just a kid then and sang along with U2 on the radio, played theatre and got a taste of the instructor role. And while studying health sciences, and later became a drama instructor, he started his company “Teater Fabrikken” with both Sheakspeare, Impro Comedy and Foxy Ladies on the repertoire.



HTH Anniversary kitchen show 2006


A custom built HTH kitchen for an anniversary in Copenhagen, and a smashed car at a Novo Nordisk party in the South Harbour in 2006, were some of the first tasks the three of them turned into stomp shows as a group, with the wildest ideas about anything was possible in showbiz …


Used to be a Ford Car_Stomp Along

Novo Nordisk “Used to be a Ford” Show in the old Ford building in South Habour, Copenhagen


Even a trip to the world’s largest performance festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009 could not scare the three lads until they performed on the stage with an empty floor!
They then strapped the instruments on their backs in the streets of Edinburgh, and got a taste for Street Busker life … where meeting the audience is both intense and demanding if it should be a great experience for both parties.



Edinburgh 2009 poster image for the show: “Raiders of the Lost Groove”


The HabenGoods Street Stomp Bicycle was build, and became the new street show for many Danish cities, where HabenGoods’ repertoire of film music, in remakes of scrap and PVC pipes, has kicked the door in many pedestrian streets since 2010.


HabenGoods Street Stomp Cykel

The Street Stomp Bycicle towing the Grand Ma-, Grand Pa- and the Devils Organ


Clumsy Hans, who is also the name of HCA Festival’s audience award, was a huge recognition of HabenGoods’ participation in the festival in 2014, and a major driving force for the three comrades who saw, how hard work can give pay off if the right circumstances are present.



HCA Festivals 2014 – Clumsy Hans, Audience Award


More closely bonded than ever the HabenGoods turned the HCA Festival’s audience award into four films in 2016, which in their own ways tells about HabenGoods’ DNA: Street Stomp / Action Movies / Playfulness / Rock Power, and has made the group available on social medias to a broader audience.


FILM-STRIP-HabenGoodsThe show “PLAY” is a milestone in the story of HabenGoods and became a reallity as they were invited til BUM Fest Festival 11 in 2017. In spring 2016 their Garage Stomp Video became “Hottest Video of the Week” at Drum Talk TV Facebook site and caught the interest of the Festival. The profile of the festival and its wide audience approach was the perfect match for HabenGoods and six month were spend on producing new transformative instruments, musical arrangements and a storyline that could play out loud the story of making a band.



BUM Fest Festival 2017 – “Final Count Down”


With their different personalities the three HabenGoods succeed finding inspiration in their intense discussions on everything from costumes to policy on long road trips in the van. The difference is the dynamo with opposing ideas and ideals that sparks occasionally, but it has never been able to derail HabenGoods from their joint project.



Per is HabenGoods’ Gyro Gearloose that builds instruments with a sense of humor and the necessary pipe lengths that evokes the familiar tunes. With his quiet and thoughtful personality, he is the coordinator and the creator with a burning passion for HabenGoods.



Michael is HabenGoods’ Mr. Black Hat, who ensures that the group don´t get lost in too many good ideas, and that the music will sound good, both in musical arrangements and when sound systems are required. His oratory is unrivaled; he can make new friends in a pedestrian crossing in Edinburgh and get the other two HabenGoods right up on the beat in any discussion.




Morten is HabenGoods’ Robbie Willams who sets the scenery with cocky cowboy tricks.
His charming feel good gene ensures that there is always both food and drink for the men when they are on tour. His interest to see possibilities in everything happening in the news, networks, trends and social media constantly moves HabenGoods around the ring.